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Widerøe Zero - Air Mobility Lab

Customer-centric innovation for future air moblity in Norway

Veiw over Arendal city, Norway.

Widerøe Zero is working on exciting changes in air travel to enhance customer experiences and to push the transition to green aviation. We are focusing on introducing zero-emission aircraft and emission-free Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicles, innovations poised to make travel more convenient and efficient for customers.

Widerøe Zero is actively integrating these new air mobility concepts into the entire customer journey, including door-to-door experiences, for regional travel in Norwegian regions. Our goal is to prioritize customer experience and to collaborate with other smart mobility providers with our Air Mobility Lab approach. This lab, led by Bjørn Klimek, the Head of Market Research and Customer Experience at Widerøe Zero, aims to innovate and transition towards a customer-focused air mobility system.

The lab will research and explore partnerships with public transport and urban micro-mobility suppliers to better understand the complete air travel journey. To address the challenges of integrating diverse transport modes seamlessly, Widerøe Zero is launching an Air Mobility Lab concept, inviting its customers to participate in the design process and tailor concepts to specific regions. The focus includes emission-free aircraft and VTOLs, with the overarching goal of providing a seamless overall experience for travelers (Widerøe Zero).

The Air Mobility Lab draws on methods from innovation and transitions research, like Living-Lab methodology and to deliver international, state-of-the-art research on customer experience in air mobility. Widerøe Zero plans to organize regional labs to study future customer needs and introduce air mobility solutions aligned with regional requirements – which is fjords, mountains and local communities across the country.

“Organizing innovation activities in the form of a Lab is popular in complex and research-intensive fields like ours – smart air mobility. As we concentrate on delivering the best experiences to our customers, we are not merely discussing product development but rather a system transition. Serving as one of the central providers of regional mobility in Norway, we fulfil the market’s critical daily transport needs. With our Air Mobility Lab, we invite our customers to collaborate with us in designing future air mobility concepts tailored to their respective regions. New concepts such as emission-free aircraft or VTOLs will usher in a new air mobility mix, and a seamless overall experience lies at the core of our ambitions with the Lab,” states Bjørn.

For more information about Widerøe Zero’s plans for the Air Mobility Lab or our research strategy, please feel free to contact Bjørn!

Bjørn Klimek, PhD

Head of Market Research and Customer Experience