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Widerøe Zero to launch Air Mobility Lab

Widerøe Zero is to launch an Air Mobility Lab to take a leading position within customer experience and new air mobility concepts. The Lab will function as an arena for open innovation and collaboration with customers.

“Organizing innovation activities in form of a Lab is popular in complex and research-intensive fields like ours, smart air mobility. As we focus on giving our customers the best experiences, we do not only talk about product development but of system transition. We are one of the most central providers of regional mobility in Norway and we supply the market with important daily transport needs. With our Air Mobility Lab, we invite our customers to engage with us in designing future concepts of air mobility in their respective regions. New concepts like emission-free aircraft or VTOLs, will lead to a new air mobility mix and a seamless total experience is at the core for of our ambitions with the Lab”, says Bjørn.